LookSeek! 360 Photohunt

Jeremy roland ui

Find all the objects hidden in beautiful 360 degree environments!

- Used a 360 image capture app in various locations in Utah and other places
- Extracted images from the apps online website (no downloads available) by using web Developer Tools
- Made the images skybox compatible
- Comped "hidden objects" into the scene
- Made UI visualizations using Balsamiq and Photoshop
- Created bouncy eye load screens using Maya, a heavily altered Substance material, and After Effects
- Created a main menu using NGUI
- Main menu BG is a small sky sphere with a parallax grid for subtle motion with head movement
- Main menu canvas was an animated 3d asset that constructed itself as a screen
- In game menu swaps between scenes while keeping track of items found in other scenes
- Built mock up animated scene selector in After Effects to visualize before implementation