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Donkey Kong 3D

Built an alpha prototype for "Wonky Kong" utilizing the Hololens at a Game Jam.
45min Setup
- Random theme chosen
- I pitched a game idea
- A team assembled around my idea
- idea was developed further
Development Starts
- Helped with setup of Hololens and P4V with Unity for the team
- Organized team tasks
- Storyboards
- Drew a few concepts with the assigned concept artists
- Assisted in troubleshooting scripts
- Directed character artists
- Created splash image
- Modeled low poly barrel and beams
- UVed in Maya
- Lit assets using Directional light and Sky Light
- Baked lighting using Batch Bake Mental Ray
- Baked AO with Batch Bake Mental Ray and 3D Coat Low Poly AO bake to compare quality (3D Coat won)
- Comped maps in Photoshop and added color correction
- Used Filter>Render>Fibers for subtle wood grain
- Corrected Unity import issues that the team had
- Created particle FX/lighting for Flame character until time ran out
- Setup materials as Unlit

Jeremy roland wonky kong01

L- Beam

Hololens Game Jam