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Beat St Brawlers

Some WIP shots of a game I worked on with a small team. I created everything except the Yellow Monkey Character.

- Created the block out of the environment
- Started developing the art style using the Hotel asset
- Developed a pipeline for future asset development
- Built assets in Maya using modular instances and textured them in Photoshop
- Used tri stripping and other optimization techniques for lower performance impact
- Textures are a combination of hand drawn and baked lighting
- Wires were built by extruding along curves
- Created various tiling textures and model components that can be easily replaced for building variations
- Everything is built with modularity in mind
- The developers names are spray painted on various buildings in the scene
- We used an xml script to take the scene from Maya and distribute the assets into the Unity scene to save time on object placement
- The game is built using Photon for the multiplayer features

Wip render
Version c baked
Gojo graffiti
Corner market progress
City block overview