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LookSeek! 360 Photohunt

Find all the objects hidden in beautiful 360 degree environments!

- Used a 360 image capture app in various locations in Utah and other places
- Extracted images from the apps online website (no downloads available) by using web Developer Tools
- Made the images skybox compatible
- Comped "hidden objects" into the scene
- Made UI visualizations using Balsamiq and Photoshop
- Created bouncy eye load screens using Maya, a heavily altered Substance material, and After Effects
- Created a main menu using NGUI
- Main menu BG is a small sky sphere with a parallax grid for subtle motion with head movement
- Main menu canvas was an animated 3d asset that constructed itself as a screen
- In game menu swaps between scenes while keeping track of items found in other scenes
- Built mock up animated scene selector in After Effects to visualize before implementation

LookSeek! Sentinel Park Animal Hunt

lookseek Basic setup in Unity

Jeremy roland ui

Bouncing Eye Load Screen Test

Rolling Eyes UI Transition test